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I'm different, I'm difficult. Awkward, real.

hi! i'm rhona / 21 / Filipino / twitter

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Happy Birthday to the happiest and loudest girl on earth!! The girl whose laughter is never ending, whose smile attracts the people around her, and whose personality warms the heart of everyone. May your birthday wish come true! Remember this picture? #weneedmorejambadate Haha. ❤️ love you! @dannaloo

HS doodle @corfrancesca @tdvll #reminisce #froggie #devil #twirlyheart 😊👻

I’m feeling super!!!!!!! Tralalala 🙈🙊🐵

Thank you for visiting me! And for the flowers and cute card. Thanks guys!! Love youuuu! 😘 (at St. Luke’s Medical Center Global City)

😆 Mr. Bean!!!

My fave!! 💜😍


Someone needs a haircut! Can’t see your other eye :)))) #coco 🐶

👍 👍

#travel #trainride 🚂🚂🚂 (at 34th Street – Penn Station)

The Cloud Gate aka the “Bean” (at The Bean @ Millennium Park)


We may not see each other that much or talk often anymore, but always remember that you can always count on me no matter what. 😘 Make this year’s celebration better than last year! Loveyuuu! @corfrancesca cheers! 🍷🍺🎈🎁🎂🍰 (at Oak Lawn, Illinois)

Daddy yo!! 🙊